Monday 9 January 2012

First online poker rankings of 2012

The first top-five list for online poker rooms in the New Year has just been released. So far in 2012, these five sites have proven to be the most popular in Canada and around the world.

In fifth place is the Ongame Network, preceded by 888 Poker. 888 Poker in particular is noted as having increased its traffic by a remarkable 86% in 2011 to secure a stable presence as one of the world’s go-to online poker destinations.

Party Poker and iPoker are nearly tied for second and third place with almost identical patterns in recent traffic.

In first place sits PokerStars despite a 2% drop in traffic since the end of 2011. The site remains as popular as ever, in stark contrast to the performance of online poker sites that were also affected by the April 2011 Black Friday shutdowns – Full Tilt Poker remains closed to this day, and experts believe its absence from the online poker world could be responsible for a good part of the 30% decline in online poker traffic since the shutdowns occurred. Many other sites have seen massively decreased traffic post-shutdown, including the Entraction poker network, which is down by 51%, and the International Poker Network, which is down by 42%.

Stay tuned to see how the online poker world shapes up in 2012.


Tuesday 3 January 2012

Finding online casinos in Canada for Mac computers

Finding online casinos in Canada for Mac computers can be a difficult task, especially if you’re keen on playing with a gambling site’s software download package; very few providers offer gaming downloads that are compatible with the Apple operating system. Fortunately for Canada’s Mac users, however, most online gambling websites offer online casino games in Instant Play versions.

While it’s true that many websites offer a smaller selection in Instant Play modes, a number of providers do go out of their way to offer thoroughly stocked games libraries to non-download players. Read a description of games on offer at well equipped online casinos in Canada for Mac users in Instant Play mode below:

Slots: Online slot machines are very popular with Canadian players, so most providers go out of their way to provide their No Download customers with a wide range of exciting reel action. The recently updated Instant Play library at bwin Casino is excellent in this regard and includes a number of progressive slots opportunities that are well worth a spin.

Poker and Other Card Games: Most browser-based selections offer access least basic card games: Blackjack, War, and Poker. Mac users with a penchant for Poker, however, should seek out Instant Play establishments that support a full range of dealer and game play options. We recommend playing a few hands at 888 Casino on Net, which offers a number of gaming modes as well as single and multi-player online casino tournaments, and more.

Table and Specialty Games: In addition to popular favourites such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps, Instant Play selections often have a wide variety of frequently updated specialty games and novelty titles. If winning entertainment is what you’re after, check out Party Casino’s selection of modern classics such as Keno and Bejeweled.


Wednesday 14 December 2011

Crap! What's going on with America?!!

A judge in New York said this week that two defendants (out of twelve) in the online poker shutdown case that saw sites like Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker brought under a legal microscope, will likely face a trial in March 2012. The other ten defendants named in the case likely will not be facing a trial. About half those men were never actually arrested due to being overseas, and others will be able to settle the charges without going to trial. The two men who will likely face a trial are John Campos and Chad Elie, the two American men charged with processing financial transactions for the three named online poker companies. These transactions were dubbed illegal in 2006 due to a major change in U.S. law. Both men have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, but the judge said a complete dismissal of the entire indictment was “extraordinarily unlikely.”


Sunday 13 November 2011

Raising Kids and Playing Online Poker

Taking time out as a single parent to enjoy playing at an online poker may relieve tension and stress. Like many other parents, my number one priority is my children. But unlike some parents, I am raising my kids as a single dad. Of course I am not the first man to have to take on all of the parenting responsibilities on my own, but it is still a difficult task that I struggle with every day. One child would be enough of a handful, but raising two on my own is almost more than I can handle. Thankfully I have met some other very awesome single parents through support groups to help me figure things out. A great suggestion I heard over and over again is find some time for yourself so that you can be the best dad you can be. So after work and dinner and getting the kids to bed, I now take some time each night to play a game or two at Canadian before bed. I am grateful to know that it is okay to have some time and spend it doing what I want which is visiting poker websites. I truly think that it has made me a better father.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Online Gambling Jackpots

Playing at an online casino and winning may just provide you with extra money for home projects. I really wish someone would have told me years ago how expensive it would be to own a home. Though I know my spouse and I got a good deal on our home, I sometimes wish that we would have gone with new construction to avoid issues like buying new windows or fixing the fence. Thankfully, when we bought our home I was already big into playing online casino games. Though I had not won a lot at that time, I was definitely on my way to the big jackpots. And when my spouse began playing at an online casino as well, we decided that any money we won would go towards getting new windows in our home. This was great motivation to keep playing these online games and has really worked out well for us. As of now, we only have one more window to replace in our home. Considering we started off with four, I think we did pretty well!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Dealing With Online Poker Blind Bets

Every advanced player that are really loves online poker with all his heart knows that the best strategy is always to test the field and bet on yourself. Betting is not the more expensive option, seeing as the last person to play would bet anyway. In fact, this adds value to the money. If the blind is betting, she normally has a strong hand, such as a pair or a set. If the last online casino player raises again, you could discover that they have a high pair and may then consider folding.

As such, had you just checked and allowed your opponent to bet, you would not have discovered this, but instead risked additional bets.

Superhero Online Poker Strategy Tips

It takes a lot of skill and superhero talents to become an advanced pro poker player. Once you get to the stage of advanced playing, there are some strategies that you will need to learn in order to know how to play like a pro and even better than other pros.

Advanced online casino poker strategy tips are important to learn to enable you to battle it out with the pro poker players. Some complicated and advanced poker tactics you should learn in order to become a pro include online poker tells, going on tilt and taking a while to make a decision.

In order to do this we recommend to use different online poker resources like, and even to enlist on some kind of poker coaching courses, preferably the ones given by professional online players.