Sunday, 13 November 2011

Raising Kids and Playing Online Poker

Taking time out as a single parent to enjoy playing at an online poker may relieve tension and stress. Like many other parents, my number one priority is my children. But unlike some parents, I am raising my kids as a single dad. Of course I am not the first man to have to take on all of the parenting responsibilities on my own, but it is still a difficult task that I struggle with every day. One child would be enough of a handful, but raising two on my own is almost more than I can handle. Thankfully I have met some other very awesome single parents through support groups to help me figure things out. A great suggestion I heard over and over again is find some time for yourself so that you can be the best dad you can be. So after work and dinner and getting the kids to bed, I now take some time each night to play a game or two at Canadian before bed. I am grateful to know that it is okay to have some time and spend it doing what I want which is visiting poker websites. I truly think that it has made me a better father.

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